One integration to rule them all.

Dodgeball - the only anti-fraud SDK you'll ever need. It's a dev-friendly fraud orchestration platform that unifies your Fraud data, while enabling low-code integrations. InfoSec approved; no network level access.

Documentation - Quick Start

Get started quickly and expand as you see fit:

Implement the first step or all three. You'll get incremental value regardless.


Drop in a front-end snippet

Get started quickly by dropping a frontend code snippet on your site to fingerprint your visitors and connect their journey from start to payments.

Toggle your favorite tools

Business users then toggle on/off their favorite Trust, Fraud, & Security tools to form a more complete picture of your users.

Add in Checkpoints for real-time in-product responses

To fight back, add our backend code snippet to application Checkpoints* to allow business users to easily deploy new Trust, Fraud, & Security tools, tweak logic, and insert in-app fraud prevention friction (MFA, identity verification, etc) – all without pulling you away from your work.

Get in the flow

How do in-product Checkpoints work?


What is a Dodgeball Checkpoint?

It is a Trust, Fraud, and Security workflow that runs at any moment of risk within your application. Fundamentally, a Checkpoint answers 3 questions: who is this user, what risk is associated with their attempted action, and what should we do about it.

Client SDK
Server SDKs

One developer-friendly API for all TFS products to let developers work the way they want to work.

We are an application security API for software developers. Call all of your Trust, Fraud, and Security products with a single method. Fewer, simpler code paths. New integrations and logic with a click of a button.

Unify your logic in one tool to quickly visualize and explain what’s going on

One place for all of your application security and fraud prevention logic. No more sifting through files, docs, and emails; see what’s going on in the GUI and easily explain it to the rest of the organization.

Plan ahead by dropping in Checkpoints to future proof your application security

You often don’t know how you’ll be attacked ahead of time. Dodgeball allows you to respond as quickly as fraud evolves. Focus on building your application, not dealing with fraud.

Secure your data and secure your application.

We only process data that you send and never store unnecessary traffic or user information. Call Dodgeball to accept or reject requests at key risky moments and nowhere else.

Learn more about Dodgeball’s Security program.

Download the Dodgeball Overview One Pager