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Trust & Safety Orchestration and
No-Code Automation

DodgeBall powers end-to-end fraud prevention and customer trust operations

A single platform to unify, manage, and gain insight from your security solutions.
Understand the real pulse of your operations, gain control, and insight.
Capture previously lost revenue and deliver great customer experience.

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How DodgeBall Works

Orchestrate & Automate

DodgeBall's no-code automation engine puts the integration of your tools and policy definition in the hands of your Trust & Safety team.

Unify Visitor Identity

The Customer Data Platform links visitors across your previously unconnected tools to ensure that no bad actors slip through the cracks.

A Single Pane of Glass

Explore dashboards, reports, alerts, and audit controls in one place. Save time, improve control, and reduce regulatory risk.

DodgeBall's Trust & Safety Orchestration
Dodgeball Ecosystem

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