Anti-fraud orchestration.

Why do top e-comms and fintechs use Dodgeball? Easy 3rd-party integrations. Multi-integration automations. Integration experimentation & analytics. End-to-end user journey visibility.

We attribute increased revenue from reduced friction drop-off to Dodgeball.

Digital Goods Marketplace

Dodgeball is a blessing because now it frees up engineering resources from fraud.

Automotive Marketplace

Dodgeball reduces the barrier to experimentation.

Enterprise Ecommerce

Dodgeball replaces engineers.

Online Retailer

Dodgeball Platform

Fraud infrastructure for the internet

One integration to deploy the perfect tools and logic for your business without the need for engineering resources. Measure the performance of your existing fraud tooling and optimize your tools to maximize revenue and minimze friction and fraud.

Example Integrations
  • Identity verification

  • Account opening

  • Know your business

  • Know your customer

Signup Templates

Third-party solution catalog to deploy what you need without engineering.

Our drag/drop editor allows you to integrate new products and adapt logic instantly with no new lines of code. Add integrations like Fraud engines, Behavioral intelligence, Multi-factor Authentication (MFA), Shared Secret, Captcha, Know your customer (KYC), and ID verification with a swipe of the mouse.

Design and embed checkpoints for the ideal product protection experience.

All your fraud data in one place to speed up or automate manual reviews.

Combine all of your various customer data sources across the entire customer journey to have the clearest picture of friendly vs unfriendly user interactions. Automate decisions in real-time or send suspicious cases for manual review.

Drag-and-drop to build, customize, and automate your response.

A/B test fraud solutions to launch the perfect protection for your business.

Experiment with solutions to develop your perfect fraud strategy. All without months of engineering effort.

Automate what checks and steps should be taken.

Continually optimize to grow revenue and reduce friction & fraud.

Fraudsters don't try one attack and quit. They iterate. Your fraud strategy has to as well. Optimize the user experience with rich analytics and monitoring for every step, service, and session in your strategy.

Investigate with a single pane of glass across your customer data

Integrations Catalog

Any Trust, Fraud, and Security products you want behind a flip of the switch

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